Our Platform


Housing is a foundational right for economic liberty, and it is imperative that local, state, and federal institutions do everything in their power to provide safe shelter for all.


It is pivotal that government agencies enact policies that will transition our fossil fuel dependent economy to a carbon neutral economy within the next decade. In addition, any development in Delaware that has the potential of having a negative effect on our environment, must be done in a manner that utilizes instrumentation and control systems that all but guarantee the safety of our citizens and our environment.


The influx of immigrants has been fundamental to America since our nation’s origin. Unfortunately, it has been undermined by divisive propaganda that asserts that non-citizens are not deserving of human rights, such as freedom of movement. The nation should be open and welcoming to immigrants. To that end, becoming a citizen should be a simple, uniform, and fair process. Undocumented residents should have a clear, and fair pathway to citizenship, and local and state law enforcement should not be utilized as a federal immigration force.


The act of voting should be as simple and secure as possible. Voting by mail, open primaries, a lowered voting age of 16, and automatic registration are needed to ensure all have a voice.


Democratic activism needs to extend beyond elections. Democratic leaders should be visible, active, and approachable members of their constituencies.

Reproductive Justice

The government should be active in ensuring access to meaningful decisions regarding creating families and bodily autonomy – from decriminalizing abortion and removing barriers for low income families, to providing quality prenatal care and affordable childcare.

Money in Politics

Money should have no place in politics. Its current ability to greatly influence should be curbed, and candidates should focus on individual donors with no ties to corporate interests.

Family Values

Women should receive equal pay for equal work. Our workplace policies should ensure that those members of our community who dedicate time to caring for children, other family members or neighbors are honored, not penalized, for their contributions to the greater good.


Healthcare is a human right, and the most efficient way to ensure this is through Medicare for All.

Criminal Justice

The American criminal justice system is dysfunctional and propagates structural inequality and racism. A series of systemic changes is required to reform criminal justice, to be more fair and restorative. In addition, purely punitive measures (including the War on Drugs, the death penalty, and criminalization of sex work) should be abolished.

Economic Equity

Today’s economic inequality represents an abandonment of the social contract and a lack of respect for human dignity. Fundamental, systemic change is needed to make our economy work for everyone, including: a living wage; restoration of economic power for workers and communities; and public investments, financed by fair taxation of the fortunate, to underwrite genuinely equal opportunity.


Equitable and free pre-K through college education is a right and is foundational for a democratic and prosperous society. Delaware’s K-12 education system is racially and socioeconomically inequitable to the point of violating the spirit of Brown v. Board of Education and the letter of Delaware’s constitution. Systemic reform is necessary to redeem the promise of Brown and the principle of equal opportunity in Delaware.

LGBTQ Rights

LGBTQ people need and deserve comprehensive protections from discrimination throughout daily life, including in employment, housing, public spaces, and schools.

Gun Safety

America is an outlier in the extent to which it empowers individuals to wantonly massacre. There is disagreement about what is reasonable when it comes to the regulation of firearms, but there is no question that weapons of war have no place in the hands of private individuals.

Racial/Civil Rights

Biases, bigotries, and systemic inequalities must be addressed and combated to preserve the civil rights of all Americans. It should be a cultural priority to eradicate racism, and a legislative priority to dismantle the systemic white supremacy of America that harms people of color everyday.


Government at all levels should invest into sustainable infrastructure of communities, with a special focus on the efficiency of the transportation systems and other services for those of low income.